An update!!

So… The blog is taking a slightly different turn in that it won’t just be one person posting but instead TWO!! One of the reasons this blog came to life was because of talks I had with Tara. Tara saved me. She doesn’t know it (yet… But will once she reads this) but she did. She gave me an outlet and a sounding board and became a close friend instantly. She did all that because she knows…. She gets it! She lives the same life that I do since she is also a caregiver to her husband.

Through our emails and our meeting, we realized what we both needed was each other. Sooo, wait, why wouldn’t other SCI caregivers?!?! Right?! Right. And that’s how it came. Tara came up with the name and I implemented it and now we’re blogging together. Once I get my act together (damn lack of time), we’ll get the website up and running too!

So buckle up since neither of us hold back and I’m sure we’ll end up playing off each other… So really even if it doesn’t help others, it will at least help us and keep us sane! Probably best for our families….

– e

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