Last night was tough…  The hubby woke me up twice which isn’t great.  Not at all.  One of the things that quadriplegics have to deal with is autonomic dysreflexia.  Your body needs to be able to tell you when something is wrong when you cannot feel it.  So, dysreflexia it is!  Essentially, what happens is that if something is wrong (think, an ingrown toenail, pain from something sticking into you, his urine tube is clogged so he really needs to pee… ANYTHING) his blood pressure goes up and he starts sweating and the spams come.

This is terrible to say but I’ve gotten so used to sleeping with someone that doesn’t move. AT ALL.  So, when I cuddle with the kid, I find it hard to sleep next to her since she’s a thrasher.  like me…  But the quad doesn’t move!  unless he spasms at night.  And I feel those and they wake me up.  Now, when he spasms normally, it doesn’t wake me up.  Think when you get a shiver.  You know when you sometimes get a shiver out of the blue and your muscles go tight and you can’t control them and have to ride it out for a second?  That’s a muscle spasm.  He gets them often because the nerves cannot talk to the brain to control them.  That connection is broken…  booooo.  BUT, they do help keep the muscles moving so it’s okay.  However, when he has dysreflexic spasms, he spasms over and over and over and over.  OR he has a HUGE spasm which is kind of like seizure.  Last night, he had a few of those…  They woke me up and he needed help.

The first time he woke me up, he just needed the covers pulled back since he was hot.  Yea…  he can’t even do that.  How terrible is that?!  so that’s fine.  I’ve gotten used to it and barely wake up when I do it and can go right to bed. However, for the second, I had to get up and figure out what was wrong since it can be detrimental to his health.  It was his urine tube.  He has a suprapubic tube so we don’t have to cath every few hours.  It’s helped out a ton.  But you have to make sure to empty the bag regularly and that the tube doesn’t get clogged or pinched or anything. Well, during the night he spasmed a bit and his bag got caught under his leg.  So, I had to move it and empty his bag since it was also full.  Well…  while emptying his bag, his leg spasmed so much that his knee came up and he kneed me in the boob.  YES!  I got kneed in the boob!  IT HURT!  I can laugh now but it wasn’t that funny at 3 am.  It is now though…

I fixed the issue, cleaned up and went back to bed. He immediately fell back to sleep since he felt better but I tossed and turned for about an hour.  That stunk since well, the alarm went off at 5:30.  ugh…  I’m out of it and foggy but the coffee is starting to kick in and I need to get ready to go!!!!

It’s a new day.  I shall just go to bed early tonight.  I hope…  Thankfully, these nights do not happen often anymore.  When he was first injured, this happened all the time and we didn’t sleep through the night for the first few years (having an infant didn’t help either….).  But now, only once in a while so coffee helps!

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