Laughter is the best medicine

Our child is hysterical.  I don’t know how a five year old can be as funny as she is OR as sarcastic as she is but she is hysterical.  She totally keeps us on our toes and laughing and she really is the best medicine.

I know that I refer to my husband as the quad often but that is far from inappropriate in our world…  I think that most people would be shocked by some of the things we say to each other.  But it’s how we’ve always been even pre-injury.  And no silly injury is going to change how we act and react to eat other.  I mean, it did for a few years, but now we’re getting back on track and back to normal.

For example…  I have no problem telling the quad that I’ll put him in a corner and shut his chair off.  To which, he’ll retort, I’ll just spit on you.  Trust me, I am the way I am because he lets me be me and well, provokes my responses!  Yea, I blame him… 

On a side note, the quad cannot move his right hand.  He can move some of the muscles a teeny tiny bit (or I could perhaps be making it up when he tries to do it) but overall, he cannot.  However, periodically, I’ll look over and he’ll be flipping me off.  No joke!  His right arm is in a trough which keeps his arm and hand flat with his fingers straight out.  But every once in a while, all fingers but the middle one will be curled under.  Whenever that happens, he’ll look at me and say “You were pissing me off.”  And yes, we laugh.  always.  

As for the kid, well, the things that come out of her mouth always surprise us and she has us laughing all the time.  She almost always has a quick retort.  Today, we went shopping since it was such a nice day and we all needed some new clothes.  The town that we were in has a nice shopping area (really, the entire downtown is a shopping area…) and we took a break and ate lunch.  While eating, there was a guy playing the trombone not to far away.  She ate her hot dog quietly while watching him and then turned to me and said “mummy, I’m pretty much done with the trumpet.  Can you tell him to stop?”  I had to explain that A. It was a trombone and B. he was able to play as long as he wanted since he was on the street corner.  She then responded with “Just because he can play doesn’t mean he’s good.”  I had to try really hard to not laugh…  that kid.   She’s FIVE!

But it was nice having a good laugh with the family today.  Things felt normal for a while. Of course, the quad fainted since he needed to eat lunch but well, it happens…  This is our life!

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