More funnies…

Tonight, the kid decided to put together a band.

Per her direction…

  • The quad was on the maraca and “vocals”.
  • I was shaking a half empty container of mints while also banging on an upside down pail with my foot.
  • And the kid played the harmonica.

We rocked out like this for about 20 minutes until we all got tired.

The kid is now teasing the quad.  She’s in his lap with her liquid medicine all over her lips asking for a kiss.  The poor guy cannot get away from her so he keeps blowing in her face and it’s making her mad.  It’s pretty hysterical really…

This is just a typical night in our house.  We do manage to have lots of fun as a family.   Tonight, I was told that I act just like a kid by our kid.  I take it as a compliment!

One of the nice things we do is every night that we sit down together (which, is almost every night), we each have to say one “favorite thing” that happened to us during the day.  It started with the kid and my mother-in-law one night and we’ve continued it.  It actually helps us stop and think about the good things in our day and forget about the bad things.  The kid loves it although for about 6 months or so she didn’t let the quad answer and my answer always had to be “coming home to the kid.”  She’s since grown and I’m now allowed to have a different answer but honestly, most days my favorite thing is coming home to her.

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