Things that have happened…

We are teaching the kid about coins and their worth since she wants to buy goldfish.  In order to buy 2, she needs $0.30.  She pulls out coins from her piggy bank and one of the quarters is really dark.  I look at it to ensure that it is indeed a quarter and I state “It’s Nevada” since it’s one of the state coins.  The kid then starts saying “Mr. Nevada?!  MR. NEVADA!  Is he dead?”  I explain that it’s a state and there is no Mr. Nevada.  She thinks about this as she crawls into the quad’s lap.  As I walk away, he leans in and says quietly, “There is a Miss Nevada.”  Really?

The quad’s PCA just asked him if he was ready to be lifted and put into his chair.  To which he replied in a deep voice “Are YOU ready?”  He’s a dork.  Made me giggle.

The other day I tried to put the quad in the car.  We bought it after he was injured and he’s never been in it…  When thinking about it, we thought it was weird and tried to remedy the situation.  We failed and I almost dropped him on the garage floor.  We started yelling at each other since we were frustrated and the kid looked at us and said “I’m going inside to watch cartoons.”  She’s a smart cookie.

Doctors told me that due to his level of injury, the quad would NEVER, EVER snore again.  I cheered.  Yes, I did since the kid snored SO MUCH AND SO LOUD!  For about a year, no snoring!  And then it started…  slowly…  a snore here, a snore there.  The other night, the quad fell asleep early and woke himself up snoring so loud that I laughed so hard and I peed my pants.  Yes, I did.

The PCA and the quad get along so well that they bicker like siblings.  So, the quad will call me and say “She’s being mean to me!”  To which I reply, “you probably deserve it.”  She loves me.  And she’s fabulous and I don’t want to lose her so I’m never siding with him!!!

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