Salt Water cures all…

I’ll admit it…  blogging is tough work!  I didn’t think it would be but it is.  So, I need to start planning more since, let’s face it, I barely have time to go pee by myself. 

I need to realize that short and sweet is ok.  I don’t need to pour my heart out all the time.  I can just say “hey!  what’s up, kids?!  miss me?”

We have been having a wonderful holiday.  I’m lucky and get two days off for the 4th which means, the Quad takes an extra day and we have a nice long 4 day weekend.  Every year, we spend it at the ocean.

Yes, I swim in the ocean.  In Maine.  No, it’s not cold.  right now….  or when you’re close to shore…  Swim out a bit and it gets wicked cold.  

and yes, I say wicked.  a lot.  

Anyway, one of the big things I have to worry about is the Quad getting hot.  Since, like your typical quads, he cannot sweat below his level of injury (side note, he does but not well) he cannot cool off.  So he gets wicked hot.  and since he is the whitest white person I’ve ever met, he also burns really easily.  

Funny story, one of his nurses at Shepherd was from the Caribbean.  She said to him one day “Quad, you are the whitest white boy I’ve ever seen!  I bet if I were to smack you, my black would rub off on you.”  I’m fairly certain I laughed so hard that I cried.  We all did.  I miss that lady….

Anyway, I’m off topic.  Do I really have a topic?

Summer…  heat.  i’ll go with that one.  So, since I have a really white husband who doesn’t sweat or cool off easily, summer isn’t the greatest sometimes.  Like this long weekend.  It’s 90.  It’s hot.  He can’t swim in the ocean.

He could but he can’t get to the beach.

So, the poor guy has to sit up on the hill and watch us while we spend hours in the water.  Breaks my heart…  I’ve learned to deal with it since he feels included sitting up there and watching but the kid and I spent HOURS yesterday and Thursday in the water.  

It’s tough.

But we make the best of it and despite the accommodations and sacrifices, we’re having a wonderful summer already.  I did not know what day it was this morning since I’ve been so relaxed since Wednesday afternoon when I left work!  It’s glorious and just what I needed.

Caregivers need the beach too.


“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

Isak Dinesen

One thought on “Salt Water cures all…

  1. Salt water cures more than you think. There are actually health benefits to being in the salt water besides just the stress relieving fun of it all.

    I use unprocessed sea salt taken orally and water to treat my patients who cannot go to the ocean. Even inland, water cures. There is even science behind the water cures protocol for improving health. It is at

    Good health to you and yours.

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