Can I have my Saturday back?

Today stinks.  

It started out at 5:45 when I had to get up for the fill-in PCA.  Ours has been out all week, unfortunately, due to family matters.  We love her and wish her all the best…  

However, finding a fill-in is essentially the hardest thing that has ever happened to the agency and we didn’t get one ALL WEEK LONG.  so this girl, yea me, had to do everything.  No break all week…  I got up, got the quad ready, got me ready, made sure my mom could help with the kid (thank God she was here!) and off to work we went and then it went backwards in the evenings…

Today, was going to be my day off…  I was going to get up, crash on the couch for an hour and then crawl back into bed.  

No such luck.

Got up early and waited.  and waited and waited and waited and waited.  Finally, at 6:30, I decided to crawl back into bed in our air conditioned room and sleep.  Cue power going out.

FYI, IT’S HOT HERE!  At 6:30 am, it was 75 degrees and getting hotter.  brutal in Maine.

House is quiet.  Kid gets up.  My parents get up.  So the quad wants to get up.  No sleeping in for me…

We head to the beach; myself, the quad, the kid and the dog.

It’s hot.  The kid, dog and I spend a few hours in the water cooling off…

We head home around 3:30 in our van which DOESN’T HAVE AC.  No, it doesn’t.  Why you ask?!  what?!  no ac?!  No, no ac.  it’s broken and has been for THREE SUMMERS.  Guess when we are fixing it?

Monday.  After the heat wave…  great timing, I know.

So we head home and the quad proceeds to pass out from heat exhaustion.  I stop at Rite Aid and grab some one-time use ice packs and then fly home.

While flying home on the highway, the dog pukes ALL OVER THE CAR.

Now we’re home.  The quad is situated in the room with the AC on (power came back on about four hours later…) and ice packs all over him.  The dog is napping on his bed in the room and the kid is passed out in her room with the AC on.

and me?  I get to go clean out the dog puke in the van.

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