A few of my favorite things

Because I refuse to focus on the bad and because today is a new day and already better, here’s a fresh, new post.

Ala Oprah, here are a few of my favorite things that we have in our life.  These make things MUCH easier.  However, unlike Oprah, I’m not getting any of you any of these…  It, however, has been one of the things I’ve been meaning to do. 

No, not a blog post for everyone but helpful for many.

1. Our overhead lift system has saved my life.  Or back… 

Instead of the traditional manual hoyer lift, we have a track on our ceiling.  It starts in our bathroom over the tub and travels through the small hallway (near my FABULOUS WALK-IN CLOSET) to our bed.  It is fantastic!!!!

And a lot of fun…  In addition to helping me get the quad in and out of bed (or the tub, for that matter), the kid and I also have fun swinging on it.   Although it has a turn in the track, I can get a running start and swing from our room into the bathroom.  Yes, I’m 34.  I am.  but it’s fun!

The kid used to sit in the swing and watch tv.  She hasn’t asked for a while but I’m sure she’d love it still… 

2. Our blue buttons. 

I don’t know what else to call them but we have two blue handicap/disabled buttons for our door.  One in the garage leading into the house and one right in the house.  The quad can hit both of these with his foot plate and can open the door and go outside WITHOUT MY ASSISTANCE. 

I realize that most of you are thinking “What, she can’t open the door for him?”

NO, sometimes I cannot!  Sometimes I want to take a nap.  Or I’m in the bathroom.  Or I’m cooking dinner.  Or I’m doing laundry.  Or I’m NOT AT HOME.  So, these puppies let my husband be more independent and come and go as he pleases.

Although, right now, they are broken….  So it’s a pain in the a$$ since I have to hold the door open whenever he wants to go in and out.  And let me tell you, he’s almost as bad as our wrong-side-of-the-door dog.

3. Straws

Yes, straws.  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG straws to be specific. 

These allow the quad to get a drink at his leisure.  Again, pain in the butt to have to get up every single time he wants a sip.  And let’s face it, who wants to ask every time he wants a sip?!  I set up his drink at his desk, get the straw into position and I’m free until he drinks it all.  Score!

4. Our Van

Now, when I got pregnant we VOWED that we would NEVER PURCHASE A VAN.   Fast forward a few years, we have a van.  And I kind of like it… 

Ours was purchased used and has quite a few miles on it from our daily commute but it does the job and allows us the freedom and flexibility we need.  Our van is the reason why the quad can go to work.  Why the quad can go ANYWHERE which is huge since so many I know do not have this luxury.  

5. SmartNav

This technology has saved my husband and our marriage.  SERIOUSLY.  It’s an assistive technology that allows the quad to use his computer hands-free.  Instead of wearing the hat, which comes with the system, we place a dot on a pair of glasses (fake lenses since the quad’s eyes are fabulous). 

He has a pointer system on his computer that he downloaded for free and that, in addition to SmartNav, is how he works.  He does have Dragon which he uses periodically but he hates it and it hates him.  But SmartNav allows him to do so much with the computer!  The kid is a wiz with excel (seriously, he writes pages and pages of macros…  it’s ridiculous) and he has this technology at home and at work.   BEST INVENTION EVER.

6. Portable Aluminum Ramp

A bit heavy but it’s a lifesaver.  And it lets us visit friends who do not have accessible houses by allowing us to make their house accessible!  It has gotten us into condos, onto decks, into homes, EVERYWHERE and allows us to get outside the house which is the most important thing ever.

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